Publications & Media

Jason Millar

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Millar, J. & Moon, A. (forthcoming). “Autonomous Weapon Systems: Psychological Framing in Public Engagement Strategies.”

Millar, J. (forthcoming 2017). “Ethics Setting for Autonomous Vehicles.” In P. Lin, R. Jenkins, K. Abney & G.A. Bekey (Eds.) Robot Ethics 2.0. (Oxford University Press)

Jones, M., Millar, J. (forthcoming 2017). “Hacking Metaphors in the Governance of Robotics.” in Roger Brownsword, Eloise Scotford and Karen Yeung (Eds.) The Oxford Handbook on the Law and Regulation of Technology (Oxford: Oxford University Press).

Millar, J. (2016). “An Ethics Evaluation Tool for Automating Ethical Decision-Making in Robots and Self-Driving Cars” Applied Artificial Intelligence 30(8):787-809. (2016)

Millar, J. (2015). “Technology as Moral Proxy – Autonomy and Paternalism by Design.” IEEE Technology & Society (34)2:47-55.

Millar, J., Kerr, I. (2014). “Delegation, Relinquishment, Responsibility: The Prospect of Expert Robots.” in Ryan Calo, Michael Froomkin & Ian Kerr. (Eds.) Robot Law (Northampton: Edward Elgar).

Millar, J. (2009). “Core Privacy: A Problem for Predictive Data Mining”, in Ian Kerr, Val Steeves, Carole Lucock (Eds.) Lessons from the Identity Trail: Anonymity, Privacy and Identity in a Networked Society. (New York: Oxford University Press): 103-119.

Millar, J. (2008). “Blind Visionaries: A Case for Broadening Engineers’ Ethical Duties”, IEEE 2008 International Symposium on Technology and Society Conference Proceedings, IEEE Explore (online).

Expert Testimony

Millar, J. (2015). “Meaningful Human Control and Dual-Use Technologies.” UN Informal Meeting of Experts on Lethal Autonomous Weapons (LAWs) under the framework of the Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons (CCW), April 13-17, 2015, Geneva, Switzerland.

Policy Reports

Millar, J., Moon, A. (2015). “The Ethics and Governance of Lethal Autonomous Weapons: An International Public Opinion Poll.” Open Roboethics Initiative. Online:

Saner, M., Millar, J. (2013). Analysis and Regulatory Implications of Definitions of “Synthetic Biology”, Institute for Science, Society and Policy. (Health Canada Commissioned Report).

Millar, J. (2012). Engaging and Empowering Patients with Consumer eHealth Solutions – Fostering Patient Expertise. (CIHR funded report to Health Canada).

Edited Articles

Millar, J. (2016). “The Momentous Advance in Artificial Intelligence Demands A New Set of Ethics.” The Guardian. (Mar. 13).

Millar, J. (2014). “You Should Have A Say In Your Robot Car’s Code of Ethics.” WIRED. (Sept 2).

Millar, J. (2014). “An ethical dilemma: When robot cars must kill, who should pick the victim?” (June 11).

Millar, J. (2014). “Should Your Robot Driver Kill You to Save a Child’s Life?” The Conversation. (Aug 1).

Media Interviews

CBC. (2016). “The Ethics of Self-Driving Cars. Day 6 (Sept. 23).

Hogarth, R. (2016). “Driverless Cars Will Take Us Into a Moral Maze.” The Times (Sept. 17).

Bock, P. (2016). “Who Should Be Responsible for Teaching Robots About Ethics?” WIRED UK (August 24).

Kitts, D. (2016). “This is how self-driving cars could change the way you walk.” (July 22).

CBC. (2016). “Death of Tesla Driver Tests Future of Driverless Cars.” The Current. (July 5).

Gessat, M. (2016). “Algorithmus Soll Über Leben und Tod Entscheiden.” DRadio Wissen. (July 1).

BBC. (2016). “Rules and How They Govern Us.” The Forum. (May 1).

Science For the People. (2016). “Self-Driving Cars.” Science For The People. (April 22).

CBC. (2016). “Robots Change Farms from Robotic Milking Machines to Self-Driving Tractors.” The Current. (April 5).

Pedwell, T. (2016). “Driverless Car Makers, Government Regulators, Face Ethical Dilemma.” The Canadian Press. (April 4).

Thompson, A. (2015). “Training Driverless Cars To Be Ethical.” NPR (WVXU). (September 21).

Havens, J. (2015). “The Ethics of AI: How to Stop Your Robot Cooking Your Cat.The Guardian. (23 June).

Johnson, T. (2015). “I, Robot, Need Ethical Guidance.University Affairs (June 10).

CBC. (2015). “Driverless cars set to be on public roads in 5 years. Are we ready?” The Current. (May 29).

Shipper, L. (2015). “Wen tötet das Roboter-Auto?” Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung. (Feb 1).

BBC Radio 4. (2014). “Ethics.” Digital Human. (Nov 17).

Brean, J. (2014). “Technical Issues with robot cars just engineering problems. The moral quandaries are harder to fix.” National Post. (Sept. 12).

Miller, A. (2014). “The Moral Dilemma Presented by Driverless Cars.” (Aug).

Lebeater, E. (2014). “Steering the Debate Towards Robot Ethics.” The Wire. (Aug 12).

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