The Emerging Policy and Ethics of Human Robot Interaction

HRI2015I’ll be attending HRI 2015 in Portland this upcoming Monday, March 2, to participate in this exciting workshop. The workshop will feature three panels dealing with the broad topics of: Healthcare; Morphology; and Autonomy. I’ll be participating on the Healthcare panel, but to be honest, I’m looking forward to them all equally.

According to the organizers:

This workshop aims to build a cross-disciplinary bridge that will ensure mutual education and grounding. It has three main goals: 1) Cultivate a multidisciplinary network of scholars who might not otherwise have the opportunity to meet and collaborate, 2) Serve as a forum for guided discussion of relevant topics that have emerged as pressing ethical and policy issues in the HRI field, 3) Create a working consensus document for the professional community that will be shared broadly.

The organizers have put together a stellar group of experts! You should take a look at the workshop website for a full list of participants, and for links to the various papers and questions submitted by researchers and students that will help frame the day’s discussions.

I’ll try to post a follow-up to the day’s activities, but you’ll also be able to follow the discussion via hashtag #HRIETHICS.


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