Robot Film Festival – NYC

For anyone who is lucky enough to be in New York City this weekend (July 16-17, 2011) you should definitely check out the Robot Film Festival. I wish I could be there, but life being what it is, I’ll be far away from NYC.

According to the organizers, the goals of the festival are to:

-Encourage interdisciplinary collaboration
-Harness the creativity of non-roboticists to expose new insights about robot character, behavior systems and impactful physical design
-Make engineering and robotics intriguing and assessable
-Enable technologists to explore the downstream effects of their innovations through storytelling
-Help explore the ethical and sociological issues everyday robots could have on society
-Make engineering fun
-Start a community that can build on itself
-Provide guidance through curation of content, framing, and followup
-Pilot an intersection between narrative and robotics, using film making, that could enable future explorations
-Provide opportunity for researchers to translate their work to the general population
-Gain practice for technologists to display their research in engaging video form
-Showcase awesome robots
-Display the breadth of work possible with robots
-Entice individuals that might not be intrigued by standard robot competitions
-Expose positive memes about robotics that answer to the Terminator myths
-Celebrate the big ideas behind it all!

It looks like it will be a really fun event. According to the website there are still tickets available. I really hope someone posts some videos after the festival. Let me know if you find any!


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