Science and Technology Studies (STS) Hashtag: #socofsci

In a brief Twitter conversation (are there any other kinds?) with science blogger Alice Bell, I asked if she knew of any Twitter hashtags useful for following Science and Technology Studies (STS) conversations.

She did not.

But Alice did suggest using #socofsci.

I concurred. So let it be tweeted, so let it be done.

(Note: In the past I have tried using #STS but it is of no use as Space Shuttle buffs use it to tweet about the various shuttle missions.)

If you know of any other useful hashtags that relate specifically to STS, Sociology of Science, or Philosophy of Science, please do let me know and I will add them to this post as updates.

Updated (July 13, 2011): @alibell has put together a great list of #socofsci Tweeps at :!/alicebell/social-studies-of-science/members


2 thoughts on “Science and Technology Studies (STS) Hashtag: #socofsci

  1. yeah… that's not it… it is usually conference centered and either #4s2010 or #4s2011 or #easst and the like. The problem if you put socofsci is that a huge section of sts has nothing to do with the sci part, they have a good part to do with the T and K part.

    1. I think it would be allright to use #socofsci if you are interested in T(echnology) or K(nowledge). Or if you like you could use #socofknow or #socoftech

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