The Most Ironic Things that Could Happen at Facebook HQ

I have a friend visiting Facebook headquarters (FBHQ) this week, and his status update “just signed a non-disclosure agreement at FB HQ” made me wonder about other ironic things that could happen at FBHQ. So just for fun I decided to start a list. Feel free to add to it in the comments.

Ironic things that could happen at FBHQ:

  1. Bump into an old high-school friend you didn’t particularly want to see and have an uncomfortable conversation.
  2. Discover that FB employees don’t seem to have many friends.
  3. Have several back-to-back conversations with FB employees that revolve around things they don’t like.
  4. Be told that FB employees “prefer to keep a low profile.”
  5. Stumble across Mark Zuckerberg sucking at Scrabble.
  6. Stumble across the employee handbook entry that bans all digital cameras from FBHQ.
  7. Hear Mark Zuckerberg complaining that he can’t get no privacy.
  8. Get asked to judge the annual FBHQ “battle of the bands”, and then have all the competitors send you links to their MySpace pages.

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